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So, You’re Back in Business Now What?


How are you going to let your customers and prospects know you’re open for business? Sure, you can send out an email. Everyone else is. And that’s the problem—you’ll be among dozens or hundreds of other emails vying for the recipient’s attention. Well, what do you do when you check your email?  Click, click, click, DELETE. Never even look at them.

A direct mail piece is much harder to ignore. No one takes their entire bundle of mail and throws it in the trash. They have to look at each one to determine its fate. And, that’s when you have a chance to grab their attention. Sure, direct mail costs more than emails, but the ROI is vastly greater.

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The type of customer you have determines which method of direct mail is best.

If your customers are primarily from your neighborhood and nearby, consider Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). You choose the neighborhoods you want and the USPS will deliver to every address at the lowest rate per piece.

If you want to target specific areas with particular demographics, you can purchase a list based on income, family type, age group and more.

Or, if you have your own customer list, we can mail to that. 

In many cases we can alter the content to more specifically target your customers.

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