• Perfect binding

  • Saddle stitching

  • Punching and binding

  • 3-hole drilling

  • Die cutting

  • UV coating

  • Spot UV/Tactile Printing

  • Gold/Silver Foil

Outside of single sheet handouts or postcards, it's difficult to imagine an effective situation where we hand people a stack of loose pages. Not only is this a potential mess, but it sure makes reading difficult. That's why we offer the most complete professional bindery operations in the region, using the finest purpose-built equipment, that will keep your pages neatly in the order you had planned. We offer:

  • Perfect Binding. Some people think of this as “paper bound books.” We provide a lot more than just glued-on covers. Our perfect binder grinds the gluing edge for better glue adhesion. Covers are scored for both the spine width and to create hinged covers, which help prevent the covers from being pulled off when opened. Our system can produce hundreds of perfect bound books per hour in sizes up to 12.5 inches tall or wide, and up to two inches thick.
  • Saddle Stitching. Don’t be fooled by booklet-makers that use pressure rollers and, heaven forbid, staples to create your booklets. A true saddle stitcher, like ours, first scores each sheet to a v-shape so that it sits properly on the saddle. Then it uses a continuous filament of steel wire to stitch the booklet using only enough for a perfect fit—no little ends protruding to stick into your finger. And, when the stitching is complete, booklets go through a three-knife trimmer for that professional, first-class result.
  • Punching & Binding. There are a wide variety of document finishing methods that require the paper to be punched and then bound. We do them all: Wire-O, plastic coil, GBC, Velo. Our high-speed punch can make holes in up to 1,000,000 sheets in a shift. That’s right, one million. Sure, we almost never need to do that much in a single shift, but our turn arounds are superfast and we don’t want the punching part of the operation holding things up.
  • 3-Hole Drilling. For 3-ring binders, this is a must. We can drill through a whole ream of paper in a single lift, which takes just a few seconds. Actually, we can drill up to five holes at the same time, but three is what most people need.
  • Tabs. Need tabs for your binders and books? We manufacture our own tabs, so you are not limited to 5th-cut white index stock. They can be any cut you want, laminated or not. We can even print full-color pages and turn them into tabs.
  • Die Cutting. Most printers have to send out for die cutting. Not Copy General. We invested in a high-speed rotary die cutter a couple of years ago and it’s allowed us to do some really special projects. How about pocket folders cut to fit the shape of your documents? Door hangers, custom packaging, wine boxes—if we can print it, we can probably die cut it.
  • Folding. It takes different kinds of folders for different tasks. That’s why we have more than one. Some of our folders are just perfect for folding sheets of text weight stock. However, when folding cover stock, it’s important to score the sheets before folding. That’s why we have a machine that does just that. No cracking along the folds!
  • UV Coating. If you want your covers or postcards to have some extra “pop” and protection, you can’t beat economical UV coating. Of course, if you prefer lamination, we can do that, too. But most people find the results with UV coating to be the most cost-effective way to go. The choice is yours.
  • Spot UV and Tactile Printing. While flood UV is great for protecting the page and giving it a gloss, it doesn’t highlight anything in particular.  With spot UV, you can enhance just parts of a printed piece to make them stand out.  Our spot UV coater can add coating in various thicknesses, so you can FEEL the difference as well as see it.