• More cost-effective for today’s smaller quantities

  • Faster turn-around

  • Ability to intermix stocks in the same job

  • Ability to customize/personalize each document

Copy General operates the largest all-digital print center in the region. Why digital? Because while the quality is almost indistinguishable from traditional offset, the lower costs, flexibility in run sizes, and printing speed make it a superior option for our clients. We believe so much in digital printing that we've invested in a variety of the most advanced digital presses available.

Our Océ VarioPrint i300+ can produce a 300-page 6×9 book, in full color, in about 30 seconds!  And, the per book price will astound you. Copy General was the first commercial printer to install this press in the Greater Washington D.C. Metropolitan region. Its outstanding speed and reliability makes it perfect for short-run books and magazines, conference proceedings and handouts, technical documentation and more.

When deadlines are tight, digital is always the solution. For example, meeting planners who frequently get their materials ready at the last minute can rest assured that Copy General can produce 500 binders full of 300 pages of material in a single shift with only one press!

We were the first in the United States (second in the world) to install the Xerox iGen 150.  It can do everything the i300 can do, but it has a few extra features:

  • With 14.33" x 26" maximum sheet size, it can print covers for landscape, perfect-bound books
  • Landscape 4-page brochures
  • 6-page letter-size brochures
  • It’s our “go to” press for packaging since it can print on up to 18-point stock

In addition to these outstanding presses, we have an additional color press, the Canon ImagePress C7011VP and three Xerox monochrome presses.

Our ongoing goal to provide our clines with the best presses from a variety of manufacturers is ongoing. We invite you to schedule a tour and “meet” our digital presses!