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So, we’re open for business 
(with a few modifications)

Because of COVID-19, we have changed the way we do business to protect our team and our clients. Here’s just a few of the things we have done:

  • We no longer require a signature when we make a delivery, we’ll just take a picture
  • Guests are no longer allowed in the production area
  • We request that people picking up jobs call us when they arrive and we’ll bring the job to them
  • We have enhanced our sanitation processes by wiping down frequently touched surfaces at the start of every shift and at other times, as necessary
  • Wipes are strategically placed around the plant and disposable gloves are available
  • We have staggered production shifts to increase social distancing within the plant without diminishing our production capacity

All of these efforts are being done to help flatten the curve while we remain available to serve our clients.

Business Continues at Copy General

COVID-19 wasn’t going to stop us from having our bi-weekly staff meeting. So, while those of us working on-site to support other essential organizations, people at home joined in, as well. Unfortunately, no one could remember how to use the conferencing feature on the phone system and there wasn’t time to join Zoom. Ever inventive, on-site staff donated their properly disinfected phones to the cause so that all staff members could participate.